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Bluestar PLM offers a scalable module-based PLM system for Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX, delivering different levels of integration with CAD, PLM and ERP, fitting your unique business needs. Start simple by CAD/PDM + ERP Connectors, explore a single business system by having CAD + PLM + ERP with Bluestar PLM, or move your business towards enterprise product configuration by choosing the Product Configuration Module.

Experience a single and complete solution that connects the entire enterprise and end-to-end business processes, from early product development all the way to product fabrication and service. This means that you will enable the seamless sharing of data and documentation, and obtain optimal business process automation across Sales, Engineering, Purchasing, Manufacturing, and Service domains.

With Bluestar PLM you will get the ultimate solution – a simplified IT structure embedding CAD, PLM and ERP in one system. The entire enterprise becomes more collaborative, efficient, and faster by bridging the gap between Engineering and Manufacturing.


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